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Revenue of

$0 - $50K


Revenue of

$50 - $225K


Revenue of

$225 - $500K


Revenue of ​

$500 - $750K

if your revenue is over $750k, please contact us for a custom quote


Bookkeeping Review

Our team of dedicated bookkeepers will review your monthly books for accuracy each month.

Electronic Copies of Tax Return

After we e-file your returns , we'll send you an email with copies of all your documents that you can store with your personal records.

Communication Support

All Core packages come with monthly emails to our staff for financial questions and concerns.

State Tax Returns

Our team will prepare and e-file these for you. All returns are reviewed by our expert Accountants prior to filling.

Corporate Tax Return

Our team will prepare and e-file these for you. All returns are reviewed by our expert Accountants prior to filling.

Dedicated Tax Team

Our dedicated tax team will ensure we are optimizing our resources to provide you with maximum deductions.


If you purchased our Tax Planning services we do quarterly reviews of your Tax Plan to help you stay on track of reaching your goals.

Prior Year Review

We will Review your prior year tax returns for accuracy.

Estimated Tax Voucher

We'll send you vouchers and instructions each year for your annual and quarterly tax payments. This give you peace of mind, since paying your taxes will be simple.


Don't see everything you need? Contact us for a custom quote.

Additional State Returns


All of our core packages come with one State return filing. Should you need to file in multiple states, be sure and add this service to your package.

Personal Tax Return


You will need your personal tax return prepared. Our in house team will prepare all of your personal federal and state returns with this add on feature.*

Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning, Investment Recommendations, 401K.

LLC Formation and Filing


Need to file for a Corporation? We'll file with your State, register for a new EIN and if you'd like to be an S-Corporation, we'll take care of the forms necessary to make that election. State fees apply. Learn more.

Local Taxes


If the city you live or work in requires a separate tax return for local taxes, add this feature to your package. Local taxes can be confusing so we encourage you to let our experts prepare these for you.

Rental Properties


If you own rental properties, there are special tax filings that must be done. This add-on is an annual fee that ensures all rental income and expenses are reported accurately.

Accountable Plan


An accountable plan complies with IRS regulations for employee reimbursement allowance for business expenses (home office/auto/mileage).

Accounting Software


Take advantage of our discounted pricing from Quickbooks. You need this software for bookkeeping so be sure and get it at a better price than you will find anywhere online.

Our Strategies help you avoid costly penalties and interest with the taxing authority.

*Does not include Acquisitions of Assets and depreciation schedules, additional fees apply. *** Tax plans sold separately, starting at 30% of your savings. **** The cost is billed annually at time of subscription renewal **Various depending on the Quickbooks subscription level